Are You Wasting Money on Marketing Tactics?

Let Us Look at the Bigger Picture to Get You Results!

E.R. Becker Marketing & Consulting, LLC is a consultancy that helps companies look at their business’ big picture to make sure sales and marketing are:

  • Getting a true and deep understanding of ideal customers and other stakeholders

  • Taking advantage of the right online and offline channels and content messages to reach and connect with these audiences

  • Integrating their efforts with other key corporate functions for efficiency and productivity.

Connecting the dots between sales, marketing and overall business objectives is critical to assure bottom line results – and it’s a step that too many companies and their agencies skip in favor of jumping right into shiny new marketing tactics. We fill in the gaps to get you marketing and business ROI.

How are we different from other consultants?

Our process is foundational. It’s project based. Bring us onboard to get you on the right track and then periodically to assure you stay there. (If needed, we can help with seamless implementation of our recommendations via trusted partners – ours or yours. But we’re not selling you annual or multi-year contracts.)

  • We help you build a sound, realistic basis for all marketing decisions – from planning and strategy to tactical options.

  • Before recommending specific sales and marketing tactics, we examine all of your stakeholder groups — buyers, business partnerships, vendors, influencers – for deep understanding that leads to practical and often-overlooked opportunities to drive sales.

  • We also consider your pricing structure, technology stack, org charts, subscriber churn — any structural area that can either enable revenue building or impede it.

We take an investment- rather than cost-based approach to marketing. That includes determining meaningful KPIs to track results and suggest periodic strategic and tactical updates as required.

To learn how we do it, visit Our Process.

Are you our ideal client?

If you’re seeing marketing budget losses and/or less than expected results – leads, sales, profits, growth – you meet key criteria for who we help. In terms of company type, we work directly with small-to-mid-sized and venture/equity-funded B2B companies under pressure to demonstrate results. We also work with sales and marketing agencies on behalf of their clients of these types. Over our more than 30 years of experience in PR and marketing – online and offline – we’ve worked with companies in many industries, especially:

  • Technology (for varied industries)

  • Financial Services/FinTech

  • Health/Medical

  • Legal/Professional Services

  • Retail (with business audience/s)

  • Manufacturing

  • Nonprofit

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